Being an athlete myself and having made most of my mistakes in my younger years with my attitude and work ethic or making choices that weren't enhancing my gifts in the athletic realm,  love getting to tell my story and try to inspire current athletes along in their journey.

As part of an NCAA requirement for the student athletes at ECSU I was given an opportunity to speak to 350 athletes for the evening. The people and staff were extremely kind and gracious. Often times when I travel to speak I am offered a room to sit in away from people until it's my time to speak but honestly I am so incredibly grateful to the people who bring me to their events to speak. I really just want to get to know them and I want them to get a sense for my general passion to do what i'm doing. I'm such an easy going person and I think living on the streets and being strung out on drugs with nothing left has just helped make me incredibly easy to please person and eager to show my gratitude to clients for bringing me.

The kids were so in tuned with my story and they were a very energetic group. The kids even stayed longer than scheduled because they were interested in more of my stories that I didn't tell during my 60 minute talk. One of the girl's asked me if I ever got in any fights in prison, my reply, "You guys wanna hear some prison stories? haha" The room roared, lol. They wanted to hear stories and to me this is the most important part of what I do. Connecting with my audience on every level and there being some enjoyment out of my time with them. I never want to leave a venue as just another speaker. I strive to be different, to be real, to be mindful. The students at ECSU allowed me to be just that.