Governments & Community Organizations

“I would travel the country to see you speak again. I attend conferences (a lot) and have never been so moved and impacted by a keynote speaker. As a public defender I don’t always get to hear the depths of people’s journeys - thank you so much for your courage and willingness to share. Your talk alone made the conference worth it. I will be sharing the webcast with my judges, prosecutors, and community partners as soon as I get back!”-Amanda Riek- Wisconsin State, Public Defender

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Regardless if you’re hosting an event for future medical students or a national conference, Tony has the professionalism and message to make your next event a huge success. Tony has been speaking for 9 years and his messaging is extremely refined. He has presented to the following types of audiences

  • Medical/Nursing students

  • National healthcare conferences

  • Addiction treatment centers

  • Community organizations

  • Health departments

  • Fundraising Gala’s/Events


Breaking The Stigmas

Face the stigmas regarding addiction/addicts head on with Tony’s keynote that took him to the TEDx stage. The most effective way to accomplish this is by bringing an individual that has lived their life as an addict and understands the addicts mind. This speech contains topics such as but not limited to

  • Mental health

  • Addiction is not a choice

  • Marijuana the gateway drug

  • Necessity for access to medical detox

  • Importance of treatment aftercare

  • Better ways to communicate to those in active addiction

  • Early teen prevention

  • Addiction Intervention

  • Re-entry/Rehabilitation