Faith Based

“Tony Hoffman’s presentation for our Celebrate Recovery event in Statesboro, GA had a profound effect on all who heard him speak. I was privileged to be the event coordinator and would highly recommend Tony as a speaker and would have him back again given the opportunity. I have seen for myself that Tony’s life is a miracle. He is committed to sharing what God has done in his life and God is using that to impact many others. His presentation is for anyone of any age and his passion is to share his story with youth in hopes that it will prevent them from making the same mistakes he did. Tony Hoffman’s courage to change is one that I will attempt to imitate in my life and one that I will never forget. -Michele Ver Beek Celebrate Recovery Facilitator Eastern Heights Baptist Church Statesboro, GA



Tony’s speaking career started with faith based markets. The backbone of Tony’s deliverance from addiction was his coming to Christ on January 21, 2007. It’s a story he’s not allowed to speak of often because most markets want God excluded from their keynote. Tony has shared his powerful testimony in front of

  • Celebrate Recovery groups

  • Entire congregations

  • Youth groups

  • Community events

  • Faith based treatment facilities



Tony’s coming to Christ lead him to an entirely new way of living. It took him from the depths of being homeless suffering from addiction to the top of the world helping thousands of people with his speaking, non-profit “Freewheel Project”, his BMX coaching that reached the Olympics in 2016 and his podcast that is broadcast around the world. Tony’s story can touch down on many topics but not limited to

  • Submitting to Christ

  • The power and application of faith

  • Power of prayer

  • Importance of rooting our lives in God’s word

  • Using your gifts and past to help the world around you