“Tony was able to address this terrible epidemic with a heartfelt message and delivery. The stigmatism tied to addiction is paralyzing in this country and Tony has the gift of shining a light on the fact the recovery is real and our struggles are real. Tony’s presentation skills are second to none and he gives hope to so many of us who struggle with this terrible disease. God bless you Tony and please keep airing our voice and releasing the shackles of shame and guilt.”-Griffin Goetz- Laborers Union International of North America



Tony has been speaking for nine years and has spoken in front of a variety of corporations helping education executives, management teams and employees about substance abuse and addiction. Tony has given keynotes to

  • Heavy equipment corporations

  • Laborer unions

  • Government sectors

  • Large treatment facilities

Educate and inspire

Forget about boring power points filled with statistics designed for healthcare markets. Use a real life story that manifests the life altering power addiction has on people and give your employees a new perspective on addiction and how to face it head on moving forward. Tony’s keynote covers many topics and is not limited to the following

  • Mental health- The addiction precursor

  • Addiction is not a choice

  • Recovery is possible

  • Increased compassion/empathy towards addicts

  • How to identify a person under the influence

  • The opioid crisis- Treatment options & recovery pathways