“Tony Hoffman came to ECU last week and was absolutely incredible. As a student-athlete, we’ve had numerous speakers during my career and I can honestly say this was the best one yet. He was extremely relatable, real, and passionate about the topics he spoke about. I don’t think I’ve ever seen all the student-athletes in one place so attentive, quiet, and most important, not on their phones. ”-Erika Figueroa (Senior, ECU Volleyball)



Tony has been presenting to colleges since 2013 and stood in front of some of the top D1 sports teams. Tony has given speeches to the following groups

  • Student Athletes

  • Greek Life Students

  • Healthcare Students

  • Addiction Awareness Hosted By Colleges/University

Athletic teams

Athletes are required to receive a portion of substance abuse education but more often than not these presentations are boring and not relatable to athletes. Tony was a world class athlete and 2016 Rio Olympic Games coach. His story not only gives athletes the substance abuse education they are required but also speaks heavily to athletes in the following areas

  • Choices

  • Attitude

  • Mental health

  • Goals

  • Work ethic

  • Winning mindset

  • Intention